Personal Training: Home Based 6 weeks

Health Rehab – Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Condition, High Blood Pressure, Back Pain, Joint Injury & Replacement. Exercise and changes in lifestyle habits can have a positive impact on health conditions, reducing symptoms and improving quality of living. You can notice a real benefit in just 6 weeks.

Golf Fitness – Want to hit longer shots? Need more consistency in your game? Are you in pain after playing a round of golf? Sports can be strenuous on the body if it is not prepared or lacks the ability to perform the activity. Learn how to improve your muscle flexibility and strength to improve your golf game.

Weight Control – Looking to reduce your body fat levels? Excess body fat is linked to many health conditions. Achieving a health level of body fat is possible if you are willing to make changes to your diet, exercise and lifestyle habits.   

Personal Training Packs

Standard – 1x60min/week for 6 weeks – £300*    Intense – 2x60min/week for 6 weeks – £500*

*Purchase a Home Based 6 week PT pack and receive the Personal Health Check Free

Personal Training: Haslemere Leisure Centre

If you like to workout in a gym setting I deliver Personal Training at Haslemere Leisure Centre. If you are already a member at the centre you can purchase 8 hours of Personal Training and get 2 hours free (10for8 – £300) Non-members can purchase Personal Training sessions at £45 per hour.




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