Frank is professional and engaging and will structure a programme to achieve your individual goals. Designing exercise routines that are individualised and challenging, Frank encourages you to go that much further with your training and brings an array of knowledge and tools to help you achieve your goals. Frank has a spontaneous, warm personality and has certainly helped me improve my fitness, strength and stamina
Caroline K
I initially began working with Frank to strengthen my back and my legs, the weakness in these two areas is now a distant memory. During our sessions we cover all the important areas to keep me fit and supple, the difference in my fitness is palpable. Frank is a highly trained expert in his field and without a doubt a very professional trainer, his charm and gentle easy manner, not to mention his sense of humor puts you at ease and makes what could be a chore into a delight.
Katherine W
Not only a Personal Trainer –  Frank is an outstanding Personal Trainer and rehab expert.  Beginning nearly 2 years ago, where he helped me get to peak fitness over about 6 months.  More impressively –  following multiple injuries through an off road cycling accident a year ago, Frank has worked tirelessly in coaching me through recovery, rehabilitation and surpassing my strength and conditioning goals.
Bob D


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