Used For: Fitness Toning Strength

A kettlebell is a cast metal weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle available in a variety of weights starting from 4kg. When using a kettlebell you use several muscle groups if not the whole body to perform exercises. The kettlebell swing is a basic move that needs to be mastered in order to progress to more complicated exercises. The swing recruits the posterior chain muscles and has the benefit of improving cardiovascular performance and increasing strength and tone. When using kettlebells the exercises are dynamic and ballistic in nature, this means training with a kettlebell can give you a high intensity workout.

You could do a whole workout using a single kettlebell. There are 100′s of movements and depending on the intensity required you can either use a light kettlebell for a high repetition cardiovascular and toning workout or a heavy kettlebell for a low repetition strength workout.

The average female exerciser uses 6-12kg.

The average male exerciser uses 10-16kg.

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