Personal Training – Online (Worldwide) & At Home (Guildford, Godalming & Haslemere area):

I am insured by Insure4Sport to deliver fitness instruction to groups and individuals in person and online. I can provide instruction on how to exercise effectively to achieve your personal goals while in the comfort of your own home or garden either in person or online!

Online Personal Training Packages:

The PT Online pack gives you 1x 60 minute online Personal Training session per week.

Want to BOOST your workout levels? With the PT Online BOOST pack you get 2x 60 minute online Personal Training sessions per week and you get a discount to the overall cost of the sessions.

Online packs are a recurring 4 week payment. Payments can be cancelled via your profile on the MyPTHub App. Online Personal Training packs are also available to purchase in 4 hour blocks to use as and when required.

Home Personal Training Packages:

The WorkoutWithFrank Home Personal Training packages are available in 1, 4 and 8 hours blocks. The more hours you purchase the greater the discount!

Personal Health Checks:

The Personal Health Check includes Body composition, Blood Cholesterol, Lung function and Blood Pressure tests.




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