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Improving fitness may require you to make some changes to your lifestyle and will require a certain amount of time, commitment and will power. Whether your goal is general fitness or to run a marathon the training principles still remain the same, it’s just the time required and activities performed that varies.

What’s the best exercise to get fit?

The problem with this question is that you are asking the wrong question! The key to improving fitness is the frequency that you perform exercise, not the specific exercise that you perform and the factor that will affect your frequency of activity is how much you enjoy the activity. Try asking yourself, what activities would I enjoy doing regularly?

Want to improve your health & fitness?

Doing activities that you enjoy can help you get fit, you just need to know how much time to spend on these activities. Improve your health and fitness by using the FITT guidelines:

• Frequency – this is vital, you need to exercise 3-5 times a week
• Intensity – activities that increase your breathing and heart rate
• Time – aim for 30-60 minutes per session or 150 minutes per week
• Type – this is where you can make your own choice of activities; it is good to have variety to reduce the chance of boredom and to work as much of your body as possible.
• An example of a varied weekly routine to improve health and fitness:

Monday – 1hr gym circuit
Wednesday – 30min home workout
Friday – 1hr salsa class
Saturday – 40min bike ride

Thinking of joining a gym?

If you want to improve your fitness and health then you should investigate what your local leisure facilities have to offer. Make sure that you choose a center that has all the activities that you enjoy doing and take a tour to see if the facilities are well maintained and that the staff are helpful and friendly.

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Why not workout at home?

It can be difficult to achieve the frequency required to improve fitness, but there is a range of equipment available now that can be easily stored away when not in use. If you find it difficult to get to a gym or workout class then you could increase the frequency of your exercise by training in your home or garden. Just think of the time spent travelling to a gym to workout, you could be using that time at home to get fit.

Try to find a regular routine to help maintain and improve your fitness levels. Having a regular schedule of activities ensures you achieve the frequency required to get results. Try working out at home if you find that you have a lack of time due to a busy life.

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