no looking back

No Looking Back – 6 week course

Are you living with lower back pain? Do you rely on medication to control your pain? Recovering from a back injury or abdominal surgery?

Introducing “No Looking Back” a 6 week course to help reduce lower back pain. Understanding how your body works and establishing the factors that may influence your pain will help you take control. The course includes programmed workouts that evolve to introduce more exercises gradually increasing your ability levels. Weekly information sheets provide guidance and advice enabling you to manage your condition. When it comes to being pain free there’s No Looking Back!

  • Week 1 – Muscle Anatomy & Joint Structure
  • Week 2 – Pain Control
  • Week 3 – Correcting Posture
  • Week 4 – Pacing Activities
  • Week 5 – Relapsing & Flare-ups
  • Week 6 – Long Term Exercise & Activities

The 6 week No Looking Back course includes a scheduled routine of programmed workouts for Strength and to Stretch & Mobilise. The workouts include details for exercise duration and video demonstrations to guide you on how to perform the movements.

This course is suitable for people living with non-specific lower back pain (in pain but not due to an injury, accident or medical condition) and also for people who have diagnosed medical conditions or injuries that have been cleared or recommended to exercise by a GP or other Health Professional.

The 6 week No Looking Back course cost is £49 – Sign up now, start tomorrow, be pain free soon!

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