Traditionally strength based exercises require you to focus on a specific muscle group, but this requires a lot of different equipment and weights for each part of the body. There is now a great range of kit available that requires you to use your whole body to work against resistance reducing the need for lots of equipment.

How do you increase strength?

Developing more strength does require quite a lot of effort; you need to perform exercises using a weight that you can only lift for 4-12 repetitions. Exercises like a core bag clean or kettlebell get-up require the whole body to work as one unit delivering great results for strength and power. You should aim to workout at least 3x a week allowing a day for recovery between sessions.

What equipment could you use to increase strength?

Equipment like Kettlebells, TRX and Core bags can be used to challenge the whole body or focus on a specific muscle group. The advantage of this kit is that you can use one piece of kit for an entire workout and due to the adaptability you can get a variety of different workouts. As you improve in strength you can progress the exercises to help reduce the chance of boredom and to continue getting results.

In most sporting activities strength is beneficial and being stronger also makes day-to-day activities easier. Before starting a strength training routine it is recommended that you first improve general fitness and muscle tone. Strength training is strenuous, make sure you warm up fully and mobilise the joints for the areas of the body that you are training.

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