Doing weights isn’t just for body builders; you should have some resistance exercises as well as cardiovascular exercises in a balanced training routine. Circuit training is a great way to combine these activities and get both benefits in the same workout. Training with weights will help improve muscle strength, increase metabolism and strengthen bones.

Are you looking to change your body shape?

You don’t have to lift really heavy weights to shape your muscles, but you do need to lift a weight that fatigues you somewhere between 10-15 repetitions. If you can do more than 20 repetitions then you are working in an endurance range and you won’t get the required muscle shaping or tone. Exercises that require the use of several muscle groups, a squat to shoulder press for example, will increase the intensity of the sessions and help you to achieve full body shaping in a shorter amount of time.

Do you want to burn body fat?

If you want to decrease your body fat then training with weights will really help. Doing cardiovascular sessions will burn fat, but you can achieve a greater effect by adding resistance training to your exercise sessions. The amount of calories that your body uses per day is determined by:
• the energy required to keep your vital organs alive
• the amount of muscle you have
• the amount of activity you perform during the day

If you can increase your muscle mass and your activity levels you will be using many more calories per day, couple this with a healthy balanced diet and you should burn off that body fat.

If you don’t use weights at the moment when you workout then you should start to add them to your exercise routine. Whether you train at a gym or at home there are lots of different machines and exercises that will help you achieve body shaping or body fat loss as well as achieving many other health benefits.

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