No Looking Back
No Looking Back – 6 week course Are you living with lower back pain? Do you rely on medication to control your pain? Recovering from a back injury or abdominal surgery? Introducing “No Looking Back” a 6 week course to help reduce lower back pain. Understanding how your body works and establishing the factors that
Ultimate Golfer
Ultimate Golfer – 6 week course – Coming soon The golf swing is a complex movement requiring balance and flexibility. Improving your ability to perform a golf swing by following a routine of strengthening and flexibility exercises should see you hitting consistently longer and straighter shots. The course includes programmed workouts that evolve to introduce more
Flexible in 15
Flexible in 15 Flexible in 15 is a 15 minute full body stretching routine to increase muscle flexibility, improve circulation and decrease stress levels. The routine suggests timings for holding the stretches but you can increase the duration of each stretch for a really relaxing and refreshing session. You can access this workout routine wherever



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