Thinking of Joining a Gym?
Thinking of Joining a Gym? Ask the smart questions. It is a personal choice; your exercise habits need to include activities that you enjoy doing and you need to be able to do them when you want to. Your health and wellbeing is a consequence of the lifestyle choices you make and for many people that includes
Back Pain
Back pain is a problem that affects most of us at some point in our lives, but it is not always easy to identify the cause. If you suffered a back injury then the occurrence of your back pain is clear, but what if you have pain in your back for no apparent reason? Suddenly
Traditionally strength based exercises require you to focus on a specific muscle group, but this requires a lot of different equipment and weights for each part of the body. There is now a great range of kit available that requires you to use your whole body to work against resistance reducing the need for lots
Improving fitness may require you to make some changes to your lifestyle and will require a certain amount of time, commitment and will power. Whether your goal is general fitness or to run a marathon the training principles still remain the same, it’s just the time required and activities performed that varies. What’s the best
Weight Control
Gaining weight is easy, our bodies are designed to over-eat and then store energy as body fat so we can survive if there is a lack of food available. We no longer have to chase the chicken or spend hours gathering our food and with all the labor saving devices we are expending less energy
Doing weights isn’t just for body builders; you should have some resistance exercises as well as cardiovascular exercises in a balanced training routine. Circuit training is a great way to combine these activities and get both benefits in the same workout. Training with weights will help improve muscle strength, increase metabolism and strengthen bones. Are



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