Thinking of Joining a Gym?
Thinking of Joining a Gym? Ask the smart questions. It is a personal choice; your exercise habits need to include activities that you enjoy doing and you need to be able to do them when you want to. Your health and wellbeing is a consequence of the lifestyle choices you make and for many people that includes
Traditionally strength based exercises require you to focus on a specific muscle group, but this requires a lot of different equipment and weights for each part of the body. There is now a great range of kit available that requires you to use your whole body to work against resistance reducing the need for lots
Doing weights isn’t just for body builders; you should have some resistance exercises as well as cardiovascular exercises in a balanced training routine. Circuit training is a great way to combine these activities and get both benefits in the same workout. Training with weights will help improve muscle strength, increase metabolism and strengthen bones. Are



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