Fitness Toning Strength Balance

A hard rubber tube with several handles available in a variety of weights from 4kg increasing in 2kg increments. When using a ViPR you perform exercises that use most of the muscles in the body, this means you could do a whole workout using a single ViPR and achieve cardiovascular and toning results. Exercises can be varied by changing grip, stance, plane of motion or intensity meaning there are literally thousands of different exercises to perform helping to achieve results by keeping workouts interesting and varied. For most people a 6kg or 8kg ViPR is a good starting point, you can increase the difficulty of the exercises by changing the way you use the ViPR.

Claiming 9,000 exercises the ViPR is a great example of a versatile piece of workout kit.

You can progress your exercises by changing your grip, stance, range of movement, speed & plane of motion. This means even without changing the weight of ViPR you can challenge your body in many different ways.

The average female exerciser uses a 6-8kg ViPR.

The average male exerciser uses 8-10kg ViPR.

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