Wearable tech

As technology progresses the health and fitness industry continues to find new ways of innovating. There are now many gadgets and technology led products that are available for health and fitness enthusiasts, providing a wealth of helpful information. If you like to monitor your progress and track your results, smartphone apps have made this much more accessible leading to a rise in popularity of wearable technology.

There are a range of products including clip on trackers and wristbands that help you to monitor your physical activity and the amount of calories you burn. This can be helpful in reaching and setting new goals and the data can optionally be shared with personal trainers for feedback and/or buddies for a bit of competition.

With technology in the health and fitness industry subject of on-going innovation to meet the desire of more people to lead an active lifestyle, wearable tech looks set to be a useful tool to track activity and progress towards achieving exercise goals.

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