If you are a diabetic then you are probably well aware of the need to regulate your blood sugar levels. This can be done through monitoring the type of food you eat and testing your blood, but how can you help to improve your blood sugar levels through exercise?

When you exercise your muscles will use some of the sugar that is in your blood, this will help reduce the damage that can be caused due to the sugar increasing the acidity of the blood leading to damage within the blood vessels. Through regular exercise you can increase the amount of muscle tissue in the body increasing the ability for the body to use up some of the excess sugar in the blood stream. A short exercise session every day would be really beneficial in maintaining good blood sugar levels and improving general health and fitness levels.

Exercise does reduce blood sugar levels, people with type 1 diabetes who use medication should be careful that they do not go hypoglycemic due to the exercise they have performed and the medication acting together reducing the blood sugar levels below 4mmols/l.

Do a short exercise session daily using some of the workoutkit featured.



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