Wearing the right footwear is important when working out, having good support and protection around the foot could help prevent injury to the ankle, knee, hip and back. Trainers are designed differently just as we walk and run in different ways so you need to check whether the shoe is set up for someone who has a neutral gait or for someone who pronates.

It is important to think about where you will be exercising. In the gym a pair of trainers is fine, outdoor woodland running would require some trail trainers with better grip to avoid slipping, if you’re going hiking you need the correct boots.

Depending on the usage trainers may need to be replaced after 6 months as the cushioning and support starts to deteriorate.

When you exercise you need to be able to move freely and feel comfortable so wearing a top that is breathable will help. If you are training outdoors you should wear several thin layers, especially in winter if you’re out running or riding because you can always take some layers off if you need, wear something reflective at night.

Avoid wearing cotton t-shirts, when you sweat the t-shirt will soak it all up and start to cling to you! Get the correct support, if you are training regularly then certain parts of your body need extra support. Guys, if you’re running lots get a sports brief or cycling make sure you have cushioned cycling shorts. Girls you should wear a sports bra when training.



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