If you want to improve your fitness levels the general rule is that you need to exercise regularly and gradually increase the intensity and/or duration of exercise. You could do this by creating a spreadsheet, or keeping a log book but with all the technology available now this is not necessary.

So you want to increase your activity levels, but how do you know if you are actually achieving this?

There are many different types of wearable tech available now that can collect info about your movements, monitoring intensity and duration and even collect data about your sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. The type of data collected varies between the different devices so you need to determine which one will provide you with the info that is most relevant to you.

As the trackers only work with certain operating devices you should check that your phone is compatible as this would be an easy way to regularly check that you are achieving your goals, the devices also need to be synchronised so your activity can be downloaded. Once downloaded your movements are displayed so you can see if you have hit your daily target that you can apply, you can even link with friend to bring a competitive edge or link with a client if you are a Personal Trainer or Sports Coach.

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