Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type are the key factors in achieving your health and fitness goals, unfortunately for most people at least two out of these four factors are perceived as not being possible.

Let me show you how the workoutkit featured could help and how you can achieve the
Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type of exercise required to achieve your goals.
FREQUENCY – minimum 3x per week, aim for 5x
INTENSITY – 60-80% of your maximum workload
TIME – minimum 30 mins, aim for 45 mins
TYPE – cardiovascular & resistance exercises

Could you do 15 minutes in the morning & evening at home? Or a 30 minute session every day?

If you did that you would be significantly healthier than most people.
You don’t need to spend hours working out unless you have an endurance goal like a 5k, 10k or marathon.

Check you are achieving your goals using an activity tracking device.
Using the workoutkit featured you could do a quick workout at your convenience to achieve more in less time than you thought.



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